5 ways to really understand news

Connor Boyack is a real statesman, and he’w written one of the best articles I have ever read about the problem with the media in this country. Here’s a snippet:

I present to you Connor’s five-step program to actually figuring out what is going on in the world:

1. Turn off your TV. No Fox News. No CNN. No local news.
2. Embrace the godsend that is independent journalism. For starters, see News With Views, Lew Rockwell, Project Censored, and World Net Daily.
3. Develop a strong sense of distrust and skepticism for anything promoted, reported by, or opined upon by the establishment media (or worse yet, the government).
4. Look hard for the truth. Chances are, it’s far different than what your favorite journalist believes it to be.
5. Open your eyes, shake off partisan politics, and like Mr. Keating suggested in Dead Poet’s Society, rise high to see things from a different perspective.