Is Barack Obama joining the socialist way?

I would love for everyone to have healthcare. I hope me and my family never not have it. There’s one problem with the idea of universal healthcare though: who’s going to pay for it? Barack Obama told the Associated Press (while plans are offered in every campaign season with “much fanfare and promise,” they collapse […]

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Barack Obama, cocaine use and 60 minutes

Obama? Cocaine? Chris Knudsen brought up an interesting question about Barack Obama today. “Russ I’d like your opinion on why the press is not reporting on Barack’s admitted cocaine use? If this were a republican they would slaughter him for using drugs.” Why No Extensive Press Coverage of Barack Obama’s Cocaine Use? Because it isn’t […]

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Beliefs of Mormonism Mitt Romney and the 2008 Presidential Elections

I think in some ways people are wondering how (if) Mitt Romney’s “Mormon beliefs” will affect his chances for president in the 2008 Elections. Why should it? Here’s what I believe . . . I believe I believe that we as a people need to stand a little taller and be a little smarter about […]

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How PR beat PPC by 56.3 percent

MarketingExperiments Journal has posted some great research findings online about how a PR campaign they did with Politis Communications was 56.3 percent less expensive than PPC for one site and 21.4 percent less expensive for another site. But that’s not all, the campaigns were also much more effective. “However, the superior short-term ROI on press […]

Food Storage Emergency Food and 150 years of Prophecy

I recently found an interesting line in a book I’m reading about early Mormon Pioneers who lived in the Southern part of the Salt Lake Valley. Apparently, the counsel to store food (emergency food preparedness) isn’t a new thing by any means. This caught me by surprise at first because I never imagined that early […]

Tips when investing in RV insurance quote services Ontario

Introduction For those who own recreational vehicles or perhaps for prospective RV owners, an excellent suggestion for you would be to invest in a service provider who will help you come up with a coherent RV insurance quote for your unique needs. It’s important to note that while an RV might also be an automobile, […]