wheat breadI’m an avid reader of Seth Godin (probably the most customer-conscious marketer on the planet), and his recent post about the Whole Wheat Test makes a point that many of us should consider seriously in what we do as business people.

The idea of the Whole Wheat Test spawns from the fact that most bread you see on the shelf at the supermarket labeled “whole wheat” isn’t really “whole wheat.” My wife is a health and wellness kind of person, and she pointed out this “whole wheat” fallacy to me one day at the grocery store. Now, I always check the ingredients and not the marketing. I would bet that 99 percent of the bread is actually white flower bread with caramel coloring in it. Look at the ingredients!

The point of this is that people who buy this pseudo bread very likely want real wheat bread, and it’s not what they are getting. The sad part is, most people have no idea. So, the question is, what would you do if you knew someone wasn’t getting what they thought they were getting? If you were a checker at a grocery store, would you educate people buying “wheat bread.” What would you do?

photo credit: recyclethis