5 – My position on vouchers – David Miller
“The virtual monopoly of our public schools in the arena of primary education is not beneficial to our society. ”

4 – Voucher Accountability: The Best Auditor (Referendum 1)
“… if the private school fails to satisfy the parents, what will happen? Tough accountability – the money and child shift to another school (public or private). The school will know they failed when they see the “pay cut” and poor performing private schools will, ultimately, go belly up.”

3 – Parents Know Their Children Best (Vouchers)(Referendum 1)
“Bottom line: I trust parents to know and meet their children’s educational interests better than I do and better than government bureaucrats do.”

2 – The Moral Case for Vouchers
“Voucher opponents consist primarily of members of a major labor union (teachers) and a corps of professional school administrators, both with a vested interest in the outcome. They fear a loss of power.”

1 – Weighing in on the Utah Voucher Program
“Whatever the government funds, it regulates. There is no public money given without legislative oversight. By accepting voucher money, private schools will have to meet government requirements”