picture-3.pngI’m starting a regular series of blog posts from now until the vote on Referendum 1 November 6th, and it is specifically designed to show you the lies that are being spread about Referendum 1 and Utah Vouchers.

Myth No. 1 For each child that uses a voucher, the state will lose $3k from it’s budget for public schools.

Fact: $3k is the MAXIMUM per child scholarship that can be used as a voucher. The entire per-student voucher spending is based on the income of the parent(s) and is compared against Federal Guidelines called Reduced Lunch Income Guidelines. In Utah that means if you make less than $43,290 per year, you qualify for a $3k per year voucher for your student. The more money you make, the less money you get for a voucher on down to $500 per year.

I don’t know many people making $43,290 a year who can pay $10k a year to send their kid to a private school. If you make more than $119,048 per year or more than you only qualify for $500 per year, but let’s be serious, which group do you think is really sending their kid to private school? $3k per student? I don’t think so. (Read Referendum 1)