Everyone is all a buzz about this twitter. Here’s a few voices of opposition to consider.

Why twitter sucks

You see, twitter is very popular with the geek community on the West Coast, and has kind of spread out from there. So what you see on the site is a combination of techie messages, dot-com-geek-wannabes trying to get noticed and a whole load of stuff that’s so mundane it just makes you wonder why you didn’t spend the last ten minutes doing something constructive instead – like maybe shooting yourself in the head.

Is SXSW going to be the death of twitter?

The thing about Twitter, Flickr and other similarly architected services is that we like staying in touch with the people we care about, the people we WANT to have connecttions with. Unfortunately, and as I have been saying a lot lately – Humans Don’t Scale . . .

Twitter: The Evolution of Cat Blogging

But others are asking: what’s the point? Those people just don’t get it. Clearly, Twitter is an amazing new way to blog about your cat.

okay, okay. Maybe it’s not a very big opposition.