Tom Brady – SI Sportsmans of the Year

Tom Brady Sportsman of the YearNew England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been named sportsman of they year by Sports Illustrated, and if you read the SI story, you will see why.

“I talked to him in February, and I’m sure his agents must have wanted to drive off a cliff when I quoted him as saying he didn’t need to be the highest-paid guy as long as the Patriots would take the money he wasn’t demanding and use it to make sure the team stayed competitive.”

Whether it’s business or sports, that’s a guy who understands the meaning of team.

Spiritual Crocodiles

This video reminds me of a speech called Spiritual Crocodiles by Boyd K. Packer.

We stopped at a water hole to watch the animals come to drink. It was very dry that season and there was not much water, really just muddy spots. When the elephants stepped into the soft mud the water would seep into the depression and the animals would drink from the elephant tracks.

The antelope, particularly, were very nervous. They would approach the mud hole, only to turn and run away in great fright. I could see there were no lions about and asked the guide why they didn’t drink. His answer, and this is the lesson, was “Crocodiles.”

I knew he must be joking and asked him seriously, “What is the problem?” The answer again: “Crocodiles.”

“Nonsense,” I said. “There are no crocodiles out there. Anyone can see that.”

Charlie Bucket – Entrepreneur

They all knew it was rediculous to expect this one poor little candy bar to have a magic ticket inside it, and they were trying as gently and as kindly as they could to prepare Charlie for the disappointment. But there was one other thing that grownups also knew, and it was this: that however small the chance might be of striking lucky, the chance was there


via [ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl ]

The funny thing is . . . same goes for entrepreneurs pitching VCs, investors, Angels and other fanciful-named people with money to burn. They too know that despite barriers to entry, tough markets and stiff competition. The chance is there. Question is, do you know it too?

Not a bad view

Not a bad view from the window at work.
work window mountains

World Aids Day

World Aids DayI didn’t even know that today is World Aids Day. But, as always, thanks to Google I now know. Google has made a habit of integrating causes, holidays and important people into the design of its main website. Most branding experts would say this is an absolute no-no, but Google does it. And, Google does it well. The company’s mantra of “do no evil” goes beyond being passive. It promotes good.Google Logos.

World Aids Day.

On another note:

A controversy erupted at a global AIDS conference on Monday over whether abstaining from sex or using condoms was more effective to prevent the disease.

You’re kidding me.

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Get Firefox

Get Firefox. I don’t really understand the technical details of why it’s better, but I sure love the tabs.

If you want a technical explanation of Firefox’ superiority to IE, let my friend Richard Miller explain it to you. Design for Firefox First, Internet Explorer Second.

Franklin Covey – The Comeback

According to KSL News, Franklin Covey posted its first annual profit since 1998. Ya gotta remember those 7 habits.

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Stewards of assets

How many wealthy people in the world do you know that would say this?

My wife and I have been blessed by the Lord with financial resources. We feel a need to give back. The IRS says we own these assets, but we believe they belong to the Lord, and we are stewards over them.

– Alan Hall

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