One real joke of a headline

Trapped miners’ families ask union to help force recovery
What are they going to do, institute a draft for rescue workers? Force Bob Murray into the mine with a cattle prod? I’m deeply saddened by all of this, but getting the union involved to try and “force a recovery” is politicking.

Dealing with the unknown is never easy. Are they dead or alive? Is there more that could be done? When do you stop? Hmm . . . that’s a good question. When do we stop _______?


Utah PR guy gets tracked by a Coyote. No, seriously.

My good friend and local Utah PR guy Clayton Blackham got tracked by a coyote while running one Saturday morning in Little Cottonwood Canyon. You’ve really gotta read this . . .

As I got on one knee to tie my shoe I saw the coyote’s pace quicken towards me. I finished tying my shoe, stood up, grabbed a cantaloupe-sized rock and started running again. I figured if he attacked me, I’d bludgeon him.

Utah mining disaster: an inside perspective

I’ve got a client who grew up in the Price area where his father still works in mining industry. His grandparents immigrated from Italy years ago to work in the mines in that area of the state, and I think it’s interesting to hear what he has to say on the whole Crandall Canyon mine issue. His dad has been working on the rescue effort.

Conversations and imagination

All too often people look for happiness, direction, and advice from other people. The danger of this is when people are motivated by how they look to others rather than what is in line internally based upon choice. There is so much about the mining collapse on the news and there are so many opinions. My feelings are that we go with certainty versus gambling. – Read More

Thoughts, Prayers, and Mining

I can remember times growing up where we would be on vacation and hear about a mine fire or death of a miner that was at a mine that my dad worked or just have my dad come home and tell me about someone that was killed or seriously injured. It is something that happens because it is a dangerous profession. Actually, people close to me like my little league baseball coach have died in a mine accidents.

One of the reasons there are so many people that work under such duress and in these conditions was brought to my attention by my dad. He informed me that in the 1970’s miners made as much as most professions that required a college degree. – Read More

Ronald Reagan PR man Michael Deaver dies

In PR news today, legendary image guru Michael Deaver has died. He was one of Ronald Reagan’s top advisers and a master at orchestrating the photo op.

I saw a clip in school about him that was supposed to be a “negative” story about how he would place Reagan in front of the camera drinking beer with the people and passing jars of jelly beans around the table in cabinet meetings. His reply was something about how that story only perpetuated his strategy. People saw him drinking beer with the people and sharing his jelly beans with his cabinet members, so it didn’t matter if the news story criticized it as PR spin.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Literally. There’s now an entire industry dedicated to “the image” in politics . . . they’re called advances or an advance. Every presidential candidate who has a team with any concept of image strategy has a team of people that follows the candidate’s exact schedule in “advance” of their appearances. Their job is to set the stage, to create the atmosphere and to make sure that the pictures and images people end up seeing in print or on television are in line with the image they want to surround the politician. Everything from hunting trips to factory visits has a purpose.

Journalists have caught on (see photo of Barack Obama and see photo of Mitt Romney). You normally don’t see photos that are taken this far out from the crowd because they’re not as interesting, but in most cases this is exactly what the campaign crowds are like . . . they’re not crowds at all. In the past you’d see close-up shots (and still do) that make it “feel” like a crowd.

the Media Monkeys and the junket junkies

“Oh the media monkeys and the junket junkies will invite you to their plastic pantomime. Throw their invitations away!” – Jermaine Clement in costume as David Bowie.

Flight of the Conchords – A Texan Odyssey

Flight of the Conchords.

1) My new favorite television show… called . . . drum roll . . . Flight of the Conchords.
2) Formerly New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk parody duo (that’s their tagline).
3) Funny documentarians (see below).
4) Two guys that have a product that markets itself.

I just realized this video has an “adults only” disclaimer at the beginning. I think it’s part of the humor because . . . there’s not “adults only” stuff in it.

Dems take on the mortgage industry

In the wake of the subprime mess, Democratic presidential candidates are grabbing hold of the issue and offering their own solutions. And the problem, according to many of them, lies with the mortgage broker.

via CNN.

1) If you want to see a real mess, get the government involved in regulating an already heavily regulated industry.
2) If you want to see a real mess, place all the blame on mortgage brokers.
3) If you want to see a real mess, stifle one of the most central markets in the U.S. economy.

Think for a minute what happens when politics stems the deal flow in the mortgage industry. Less loans. Less money loaned. Less deals done with banks. Less work for construction. Less materials sold for construction. Less machines used for construction. Less construction work. Less real estate sold. There’s a reason that land, labor and capital are the three scarce resources discussed in economics 101. In my opinion, the Dems should leave this one alone. Legislation is often so myopic that it throws any sense of the unintended consequences out the window.

On the flip side . . . you may well see the same results with no legislation because banks will no longer offer such risky loans. The benefit is that change is placed square on the shoulders of the individual business owners and Americans. Human ingenuity goes to work, and people figure out how to make it work.

1) If you want to fix the mess, let the subprime mortgage “crisis” fix itself.

There is no way lenders will continue doing what they are doing in light of the bankruptcy problems that are happening with some of the country’s biggest mortgage brokers. Why force it with legislation? … because it’s good politics. Makes sense doesn’t it.