Book Covers

I find it interesting that Seth Godin of all people would say that a lousy book cover would actually kill a great book. Bad books are bad books, and there are plenty of them to go around. Although, I do admit that covers can make a difference. Titles can make a difference. For example, TheRead more

CBS NBC and ABC showing favor toward blue

Only 12 percent of election stories that aired on NBC, ABC or CBS were favorable toward Republican candidates, according to a study released yesterday by the District-based Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA). In contrast, Democrats basked in glory. The study found that 77 percent of the news accounts between Sept. 5 and Oct.Read more

Chris Matthews bias? Media at its worst.

I’m happy for Barack Obama, but the blatant “Obamamania” in this country is a little concerning when it occurs in the media so openly. See the video of Chris Matthews saying his job is to support the president? Then read the quote from Theodore Roosevelt. “Every man who parrots the cry of ‘stand by theRead more

Daily bread

Seth Godin has an interesing post about deceit and bread that reminded me of my wife. When we go to the grocery store, I always teach her about marketing tricks, and she always teaches me about healthy foods, especially breads.Read more

Definition of public relations

What is the definition of public relations? I have noticed quite often that there’s a difference in perception on PR people and the media view “public relations” and how many business owners view public relations. Defining Public Relations The definition you learn in school goes something like this: “Public relations is the management function designedRead more

Driving a Ferrari

I had the fine opportunity to drive a Ferrari F430 just like this on Wednesday last week, and let me just say that you don’t even have to be into cars to enjoy doing this. I promise. Let’s just say that it’s extremely difficult to quit grinning when your sitting behind the wheel of aRead more

Food Storage Emergency Food and 150 years of Prophecy

I recently found an interesting line in a book I’m reading about early Mormon Pioneers who lived in the Southern part of the Salt Lake Valley. Apparently, the counsel to store food (emergency food preparedness) isn’t a new thing by any means. This caught me by surprise at first because I never imagined that earlyRead more

Forgive me Seth

Please forgive me in advance, but can I expect that your new Small is New Big book will be better than Purple Cow? I think you are very smart, but Purple Cow was so entirely redundant that I quit reading. I don’t mean to be harsh, but I think all the attention that the bookRead more

How PR beat PPC by 56.3 percent

MarketingExperiments Journal has posted some great research findings online about how a PR campaign they did with Politis Communications was 56.3 percent less expensive than PPC for one site and 21.4 percent less expensive for another site. But that’s not all, the campaigns were also much more effective. “However, the superior short-term ROI on pressRead more

Is Barack Obama joining the socialist way?

I would love for everyone to have healthcare. I hope me and my family never not have it. There’s one problem with the idea of universal healthcare though: who’s going to pay for it? Barack Obama told the Associated Press (while plans are offered in every campaign season with “much fanfare and promise,” they collapseRead more

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