JetBlue screwed up big time last week when passengers sat on planes for up to 11 hours. But, JetBlue isn’t your regular bureaucratic airline. JetBlue CEO David Neelman put a video on YouTube detailing how major changes are being made at JetBlue as a result of the events of last week. He gives timelines as well. If things happen again? “There are consequences for us based on our new JetBlue customer bill of rights.” said the following, but I couldn’t find the part about money off on flights. (Link)
• All non-airport crew members of JetBlue will be badged and ready to go if needed to be called upon.
• Increasing number phone lines open for changing reservations.
• Tripling the size of the group that schedules pilots and stewardesses.
• Delays 1-2 hours: $25 off a future flight.
• Delays 2-4 hours: $50 off a future flight.
• Delays 6+ hours: Free round-trip ticket.