We live in a neighborhood where all the firehouses are run by volunteers. I don’t know how we’d get by without them… they do brave work, with little credit.

One thing you’ll notice is how clean the trucks are. “Why are the trucks so clean,” a friend asked? After all, a clean firetruck isn’t a lot better at putting out fires than a smudged one.

The answer: Because when there isn’t a fire, the firemen wait for the siren to ring. And while they’re waiting, they clean the truck.

clean firetrucks

This makes fireman sound like a bunch of bafoons that do nothing but put out fires and sit around. Sorry, but that isn’t all they do. Who do you think makes sure buildings are up to fire code? Dogcatchers? Maybe part of their desire to keep the trucks in good condition comes from the fact that a firetruck costs something like $250,000 of taxpayer money? They better take care of them. Don’t just post to post. Put some thought into it.