5 ways to really understand news

Connor Boyack is a real statesman, and he’w written one of the best articles I have ever read about the problem with the media in this country. Here’s a snippet: I present to you Connor’s five-step program to actually figuring out what is going on in the world: 1. Turn off your TV. No FoxRead more

A Pioneer Day test

Pioneer Day was yesterday. Your Pioneer Day test is today. In honor of the day that settlers first came to the state, see how many of these questions you an answer without looking them up in Google. Have your answers ready before you put them in the comments so you don’t see the answers fromRead more

Anticipated relevant and personal

If the marketing messages you send are anticipated, relevant, and personal, they will cut through the clutter and increase the prospect’s knowledge of the benefits you offer.” Seth Godin, Permission Marketing. I’m working on a project right now that pertains to this, and the “anticipated” is the toughest part. It’s easy to learn enough informationRead more

BYU: The “almost” college of Draper, Utah

Dr. John “Rocky” Park, who was a teacher in the early days of Draper, Utah was (ironically) paid well by the people of the city (then known as Draperville) because he was was such a good teacher, but he didn’t stick around . . . Why? Doctor Park’s village school came to the attention ofRead more

APX Alarm shows how to manage Public Relations

Provo, Utah’s own Apx Alarm had some interesting press coverage in Indiana recently, and I have to say they did an amazing job responding and taking care of the customer. Companies could take a lesson in media relations here. Watch and see what they did to respond.Read more

Are you really challenging your assumptions?

So, what are we accepting as fact and not questioning as an assumption?” In other words, “What are our hidden assumptions? What do we believe implicitly?” Is your marketing or PR program really working? Does your shampoo really make your hair feel fluffier?Read more

Barack Obama, cocaine use and 60 minutes

Obama? Cocaine? Chris Knudsen brought up an interesting question about Barack Obama today. “Russ I’d like your opinion on why the press is not reporting on Barack’s admitted cocaine use? If this were a republican they would slaughter him for using drugs.” Why No Extensive Press Coverage of Barack Obama’s Cocaine Use? Because it isn’tRead more

Best workplace in Utah

Fortune named Google the best place to work, so I got curious and searched for any Utah companies on the list. I took a screen capture of what I found because I thought it was kind of humorousRead more

Book Covers

I find it interesting that Seth Godin of all people would say that a lousy book cover would actually kill a great book. Bad books are bad books, and there are plenty of them to go around. Although, I do admit that covers can make a difference. Titles can make a difference. For example, TheRead more

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