Dr. John “Rocky” Park, who was a teacher in the early days of Draper, Utah was (ironically) paid well by the people of the city (then known as Draperville) because he was was such a good teacher, but he didn’t stick around . . . Why?

Doctor Park’s village school came to the attention of President [Brigham] Young and other [LDS] Church leaders in 1867 during one of their semiannual visits to Draperville. His was the best school they had seen throughout the settlements. The Church authorities desired the same teaching concepts in the schools their children attended. President Young told Bishop Stewart the Church would build a college in Draperville if they continued to foster quality education and build up a community.

Brigham Young attended a meeting on the subject in the home of Draperville settler W.B. Ennis where Young said pointing to the hills South and East and said:

That is the place for the Church University, and if you brethren will lay the foundation, we’ll see that it is finished.

That is roughly the area where the new Draper, Utah Temple is being completed, but there is no University there.

Because of a division of opinion among the people of the town about where to place it (rather than on the location pointed out by Brigham Young) it was never started, and the Church University was built at Provo.

Lesson: Disagree with the prophet, and BYU gets built somewhere else. Not only that, but your wonderful teacher will leave to serve as President of The University of Deseret (today known as the University of Utah).


Benefits of Leasing An Apartment in Mississauga if You Are an Exchange Student


Renting an apartment is a simple strategy for acquiring access to a home for your unique needs One of the most noteworthy goals for people is to own a home someday. However, a significant number of people today own homes; this was not always the case, especially in the historical times. To be specific, families were directly inclined to build their homes or perhaps rent from another party. Although renting and leasing a house have their unique financial advantages, https://apartmentlove.com/ontario/mississauga appears to have more benefits especially when the real estate market drops in value.



Reduced maintenance cost and repair bills

One of the most significant advantages of Mississauga Apartments for Rent is that you often have minimal repair and maintenance cost as when compared to the homeowner. In fact, when you lease a property, the property owner is supposed to cater for the all the repair and maintenance costs each time. For instance, the landlord might assist when a house appliance malfunctions or perhaps there is a leak in your water system.


Easy access to Amenities

Another significant benefit of renting an apartment over buying your house are that you can gain easy access that would have otherwise a costly investment on your side as the homeowner. To be specific, luxuries such an in-ground pool or perhaps fitness centers are normally available in the apartments as a way of boosting their overall value.


Reduced Real Estate Taxes

One other noteworthy benefits of renting an apartment are that you do not have to pay the conventional property taxes to the state. In fact, real estate taxes can be a challenging experience especially for homeowners and normally vary as per state regulations. While making property tax calculations can be complicated, the prices are typically estimated with regards to the value of your property.


No Big Down Payment

Another aspect where leasing an apartment has better financial gaining that buying a house is that upon signing a new contract you, are not required to make a down payment to secure the house. In fact, renting apartment does not require huge down payments to be able to access the new home. Although the precise amount required when moving in varies in different places, the entire amount is notably lesser that when buying a house. A recent real estate report showed that a significant number of landlords require that one makes an initial deposit that equates to one month’s rent while a down payment for a house is normally much higher.




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