I think in some ways people are wondering how (if) Mitt Romney’s “Mormon beliefs” will affect his chances for president in the 2008 Elections. Why should it? Here’s what I believe . . .

I believe
I believe that we as a people need to stand a little taller and be a little smarter about how much we listen to political pundits and religious bigots who try to get attention with questions about a candidate’s religion. These “religion” questions were also thrown at Barack Obama, and they would violate every law of equal opportunity in the job market. We’re “hiring” a president, and in any other job, it’s illegal to even ask about a person’s religion. What does it say about a candidate who demands equal opportunity for you in the workplace, but won’t practice it in his or her campaign? Same goes for political pundits and the media.

I believe as Dr. Martin Luther King stated that we should judge candidates “by the content of their character” and not by the color of their skin (or religion), and that we should stand up and live to the true meaning of this country’s creed while recognizing that all men are created equal. All men (black, white, Mormon, Catholic, Jew or otherwise) have the right to be considered for “job” of president in this country without the thought of religion or race affecting it any more than it would in a job interview.

I believe it’s a sad day in the United States when we jump to support a candidate who is “likeable” or has a “plan,” yet we don’t take the time to study his or her character and the principles by which they make decisions.

I believe that when we as a people believe in and vote for candidates with fancy campaign slogans more than we vote for and support candidates with character and depth, we have no basis for which to complain when they do something we completely disagree with. Afterall, we voted for them.

I believe we should stand against candidates who promote legislation that enables force and coercion in the name of “the public good” because force destroys freedom and prosperity.

I believe as John D. Rockefeller believed “that character — not wealth or power or position — is of supreme worth.”

I believe in supporting candidates who are honest, true, chaste, benevolent, and virtuous and who do good for mankind .

I believe that a candidate named Mitt Romney (Mormon or not), definitely deserves a shot at the Whitehouse.