Obama? Cocaine? Chris Knudsen brought up an interesting question about Barack Obama today.
“Russ I’d like your opinion on why the press is not reporting on Barack’s admitted cocaine use? If this were a republican they would slaughter him for using drugs.”


Why No Extensive Press Coverage of Barack Obama’s Cocaine Use?
Because it isn’t news as in “new” information and because he is the one who divulged it. If it would have come out from someone else, the media would have had a heyday with it. And from what I understand, he actually divulged the information in a book he wrote when he was in his early 30s.

Barack Obama on 60 Minutes
So when Barack Obama was on 60 minutes on Sunday (video) and Steve Kroft says “You inhaled [marijuana].” Mr. Obama simply says “I did.” He also admits to cocaine use and that he thought about using heroine. He goes on. “It’s not something that I’m proud of, but that’s part of the journey that I’ve taken. I like to think that by letting people know the mistakes I’ve made that maybe young people behind me are looking and saying ‘You know what? This is a guy who made mistakes and he was able to write his life and get on track.’ And that’s I think an important message.”

Killing the Controversy
Barack Obama took all the controversial winds out of the sails by being upfront and honest. There’s no controversy in admitting that your human, and most politicians do not get this simple concept. Obama does an amazing job of being human and authentic, and frankly, that’s not news.

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