Russell Page (me) works as an internet marketer for Fifty Studio and is a member of the Utah Jazz game night staff. I like Utah SEO.

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331 South Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

R.P. has landed links and online marketing exposure for his clients all over the world, including with webistes like CNN, CNNMoney, CBS MarketWatch, Dow Jones, the New York Times (this took a few months), The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, RollingStone, Wired, U.S. News and World Report, the Washington Post and many Utah-local web sites with high traffic.

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Okay, enough already.
- Spend time with my wife and family,
- Ride my mint-green Stella scooter. (if you ever, ever, have questions about scooters, you must call The Scooter Lounge in Orem, Utah (801.434.4536). These guys might as well have invented scooters, and they are real nice too..
- Play baseball in the UtahMSBL. Go Cubs! (MSBL stands for Men’s Senior Baseball League). If you are in Utah, are over the age of 28 (or turn 28 this year) and you want to play, come join the league. I played softball for two years until I found my way back to the true sport of baseball. I am also a practicing Mormon and happy to be.

Favorite food:
Pizza with Blue Cheese Dressing and a Dad’s Root Beer in a frosty mug.

Favorite Quote:
“We do not take counsel from our fears.” – It’s found in this talk/speech called Steadfast and Immovable by Elder David Bednar.

Elder you ask? Read about Mormon Beliefs