There’s always more than one way to spin the same story, even when you’re “the media.” I just did it.

Read this Editor and Publisher story about a recent Gallup Poll. It says 72 percent of the people surveyed would vote for a well-qualified Mormon for president. So how does Huffington Post spin it? Pretty ridiculously.

Americans Less Likely To Support “Mormon Candidate, 72 Year-Old, One Who Has Been Married 3 Times”

Less likely support what? A republican. What a joke.

Media Bias and Elections
As the election season heats up, you will start to see some major bias start to pour into newsrooms across the country. Many of them claim to be objective, but it just isn’t the case. Fox loves Republicans. CNN made John Kerry their fan-boy in 2004. It’ll happen again. It already is. Take a look at the love affair that is happening with the idea of Obama a the helm. See the photo below. It’s all favorable, and half of it isn’t even news. Obama makes a wisecrack? Obama got start in civil rights practice? That’s stretching it. (I smell a love affair with a certain candidate). Contrast this with Hillary Clinton news and it isn’t so nice.


Keep this in mind. If you were CNN or Fox, and you knew that a certain percentage of your viewers leaned a certain direction politically, are you going to show them (your customer) something they absolutely don’t want to hear? No.