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Reports: Giuliani to drop out, Endorse McCain

Reports are surfacing that Rudy Giuliani is going to drop out of the race for president and endorse John McCain.

If a McCain/Giuliani ticket isn’t obvious now, I don’t know what is.

John McCain Endorsing Mitt Romney?

“I also have great and tremendous regard for Mitt Romney . . .” This is too good to be true. Nope, it is true.

Links: All of Gordon B. Hinckley’s General Conference Addresses as prophet

I have my thoughts about Gordon B. Hinckley, but I think his own will be better to hear. So, I’ve compiled direct links to every one of his General Conference talks as Prophet and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Want to add these links to your site as well? Just copy the code in the box (ctrl + a will highlight all the code) and then (ctrl + c to copy all of code) then (ctrl + v in your blog post or wherever else you want to put it to paste it.)

April 1995

October 1995

April 1996

October 1996

April 1997

October 1997

April 1998

October 1998

April 1999

October 1999

April 2000

October 2000

April 2001

October 2001

April 2002

October 2002

April 2003

October 2003

April 2004

October 2004

April 2005

October 2005

April 2006

October 2006

April 2007

177th Semiannual General Conference, October 2007

Links compiled by Russ Page

Trouble with Google Maps? forum launched … PR peeps should join up

Lehi-based just launched a new forum for discussing internet marketing strategies and tactics, and I would strongly recommend that all the PR people out there join up and start learning.

While you’re at it,
- Join Digital Point Forums
- Join the forums at Search Engine Watch
- Start using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool before you write a news release.
- Download and learn to use the SearchStatus Extension for FireFox
- Buy and Read the SEO Book from Aaron Wall
- Consider a membership to SEOMoz

There’s a lot of other resources out there, but these are a good start. Try a Utah SEO Consultant while you’re at it.

Fox News Utah gets “Paris Hilton” dramatic

Fox News in Utah makes me chuckle quite often because of the “news” it runs in between cheerleading the next American Idol episode and engineering news stories one might merely call “infotainment.”

Never mistake, I appreciate a good news story, but when Fox reported that Ogden City had a water line break and half of the city was without water, the on-camera reporter did a live shot in front of a facility for the mentally disabled (stating so) and tried to sensationalize the story even more.

The “news” appeared to be that thousands were without water, but one wouldn’t know for sure because Fox was more concerned with sensationalizing the event. And while there is definite concern for the elderly or disabled, I lose respect for Fox when they try to engineer the news to be more than it is.

The New York Times invests in WordPress parent company

wordpress.pngNews is, The New York Times has joined Polaris Ventures, Radar Ventures and True Ventures as an investor in the highly popular cms/blogging software WordPress. Parent company Automattic raised $29.5 million in Series B Funding.

The New York Times has more than 50 blogs in its digital portfolio that run on WordPress, and Automattic CEO Toni Schneider said blog posts from across the Internet could be featured alongside stories on The Times’ Web site.

… the lines between new media and old media blur even more . . .

WordPress creator pulls in $29.5 million

Times Company in Group Investing in Blog Publisher

WordPress Parent Raises $29.5M

What’s on your bucket list?

Bucket list: A list of things you would like to see, visit, do or experience before you “kick the bucket.”


- Start my own restaurant.
- Visit New Zealand
- Grow a beard (That one could be tough for my hairless chin).
- Attend the World Series (preferably a game 7)
- Visit Cooperstown, New York
- Run a small farm (maybe with a goat or something. one will do).