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A KSL 5 Eyewitness News “Investigation”

I got this email from KSL today with the subject that read: “A KSL 5 Eyewitness News Investigation.” Really? That sucks for Dick Nourse. It’s his last night after 43 years! :-) Good luck to him. He’ll be missed on the air.


Will you watch Dick Nourse or Michelle King?

I wonder why KUTV and KSL are having two long-time TV anchors retire on the same night? Are they trying to compete? Apparently so.

In one corner, you have Dick Nourse, a guy who has been on the air at one television station for 43 years! This guy covered the Vietnam War for KSL.

In the other corner you have Michelle King, a former homecoming queen at BYU who’s retiring after 29 years.

Who will you watch on November 28 . . . Neither?

Video: UHP officer tases man in front of screaming wife

Apparently if you don’t “follow instructions” you can be electrocuted with 50,000 volts and “you’ll go to jail” if you don’t get in your car. The problem is, the guy who gets tased doesn’t realize that the fine print on citations says you can be arrested if you refuse to sign your ticket. Oops. Darn fine print.

Visually, it looks bad for the cop, especially when he opens his mouth on camera and says “painful isn’t it” and then threatens the frightened wife with jail. Darn cameras.

Frankly, I think the “tased” man is lucky he isn’t dead. Briskly walking toward a cop with your hand in your pocket is not the smartest thing to do. It will be interesting to see what the reviewing authorities decide on this one.

PR Lady Mac ad: Freakin’ hilarious

This his freakin’ hilarious.