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21 tactics to increase your blog traffic

blogTactic No. 21 . . . it’s a brand.

“. . . to be a great brand, you need to be a brand that people want to associate themselves with and a brand that people feel they derive value from being a member. Exclusivity, insider jokes, emails with regulars, the occassional cat post and references to your previous experiences can be offputting for new readers, but they’re solid gold for keeping your loyal base feeling good about their brand experience with you.”

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6 secret laws of authentic marketing

storyThe secret is out. Tribal Knowledge lists 6 laws (maybe they’re more like guidlines) for authentic marketing.

1. Be genuine and authentic
2. Evoke feelings, never prescribe feelings
3. Always say who you are, never who your are not
4. Stay connected to front-line employees
5. Deliver on all promises made
6. Respect people’s intelligence

Number three has got to be the most important law of marketing you could ever follow. You create your own reality, and when you have a marketing team talking about what you aren’t, you become it.

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Where do your marketing morals lie?

marketers are liarsSomething to chew on from Seth Godin. I’ve never heard him be this authentic before.

“We’re responsible for what we sell and how we sell it. We’re responsible for the effects (and the side effects) of our actions.

It is our decision. Whatever the decision is, you need to own it. If you can’t look that decision in the mirror, market something else.”

Authenticity is powerful.

Rick Koerber recently spoke about authenticity as well.

Creating passionate users


Are you really challenging your assumptions?

passionate users“So, what are we accepting as fact and not questioning as an assumption?” In other words, “What are our hidden assumptions? What do we believe implicitly?”

Is your marketing or PR program really working? Does your shampoo really make your hair feel fluffier?

something more to chew on from Creating Passionate Users.

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It’s not your idea that matters . . .

“It’s not your idea; but what your idea BECOMES that matters.”

Something to chew on from Scott Ginsberg

And he asks this “What was the best idea you had in the past year? What did it become?

My idea? Writing about a guy on my blog so I could get his attention long enough to speak to him about doing some business together. What did it become? It actually contributed to a recent job offer, which I accepted.

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